Sometimes great revolutions start from small changes.

eKoala has decided to open its eyes and make more responsible choices, to develop products for children made of unique, alternative and eco-friendly materials.

We believe it is high time to start building a world for our children that truly is a Wonderland

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As long as people are not aware they have a choice,
changes will not occur

What's Bioplastic?

Imagine that the bottle of water on your desk, the toy in your child's hand, the spoon used for their first meal and the packaging of your dinner could be made with high safety standards, using mostly substance of vegetable origin.

Imagine that objects we usually use only for a minute but remain in our environment for thousands years, could disappear and biodegrades in a less time. This is the magic of bioplastic.

Enjoy Bioplastic life cycle

What's vegetal cashmere?

Vegetal Cashmere is a unique textile fibre made from white pine wood pulp: green and healthy. In order to protect our environment, the wood fibre used is cultivated: harvesting concides with normal pruning.

Its peculiar molecular structure makes the fibre soft, lightweight and super absorbent.
It's incredible, but the more you wash it the softer this fabric becomes.

Cuddle your babies with the sweetness of vegetal cashmere!

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Nature will be our playground

Our products

eKoala is always looking for unique and natural materials for its products.

They are ideal for those who take responsibility as a key factor for their buying behavior and choose to leave a better world to future generations.

The entire eKoala range have to pass the strictest laboratory tests that guarantee the absence of toxic substances and that certify them 100% safe for our children.

Growing up in the hands of Mother Nature
We strongly believe in an eco-friendly future


Driven by the desire to build a sustainable model, both for the environment and for children health, and pushed by the awareness of the real feasibility of this change, we work every day to design innovative products that could be a valid alternative to traditional plast


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