Babies and kids are the weakest link but at the same time the future of our planet. For this reason, eKoala uses only natural raw materials free from any toxic substance…

Without our knowledge, plastic toys and objects could often be a real “dummy” of toxic substances dangerous for our kids health and development.

We are used to thinking of plastic as something external to our body.

Recent studies showed instead how many plastic-related substances could be found in our body, ingested together with the food we eat or the water we drink.

BPA and phthalates are considered the major threats to our health (BPA is the basic component of traditional plastic; phthalates are additives used for plastic synthesis).

Since 1940 BPA has been recognized as a chemical element that interferes with the endocrine systems, altering the normal hormone functions.
Elastifying components (the phthalates) could also be potentially toxic and are released from plastic over time.

Newborns and pregnant women, or soon after the birth are the ones more at risk for a toxic exposure to these substances.

In January 2014 the American FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) expressed concerns about the potential negative impacts these substances could have on the brain, behavior, the prostate gland and the reproductive organs of fetuses, infants and children.

Replacing traditional plastic with BIOplastics represents therefore a major step towards the development and marketing of more sustainable products made from non toxic ingredients.

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