Beatrice and Daniele Radaelli, founders of eKoala, have decided to look at the world of plastic materials from a different point of view, driven by liability and environmental sustainability.

Their will to merge all the potential of traditional plastic with a strong attention to the protection of our planet and, especially of our health, brought them to explore the BIOplastic world, for a large part yet to be experimented.

And their experiment starts form the world of children, the most vulnerable to the attack of toxic substances found in traditional plastic.

After a Psychology degree I worked for years in the field of scientific research about neuroscience and I conducted clinical and assistance activity with commitment and great passion. The analysis of care and education processes is an important starting point in the design of products that should be pedagogically safe for the growth of a child.

When I’m not working I love to be a  globetrotter. I have always been a supporter of environmental protection and sustainable development. Becoming a dad recently, I tried to put in eKoala my personal business ideas, combining a strong love for nature with a special attention to the world of children.

Daniele Radaelli

I love travelling (especially without planning) and I’m deeply fascinated by all the different cultures in the world: I love being enchanted, like a child, by the beauty of nature. My degree in foreign languages allowed me to get experience in different fields.

Fist a jump into the world of contemporary art for some years of experience in communication, public relations and events. Then I decided to get closer to the business world and I worked for some years for my family company, dealing with traditional plastic products.

And it is from the considerations emerged in this “plastic” field that I started to put particular attention to the problems caused by plastic to our environment and to our health.

It is from this experience that I decided I would try to change something in the world. And I chose I would do that with eKoala.

Beatrice Radaelli

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