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Bioplastic is made of renewable raw materials such as corn, beetroot and switchgrass. At first sight it is identical to traditional plastic. The only difference is its chemical composition. Let’s start harvesting!
Nowadays there are many companies all around the world which produce bioplastic granules from natural raw materials. Its processing is exactly the same as that of traditional plastic but it enables biodegradable products with a lower impact on the environment. Let’s start the production!
The most innovative bioplastics allow us to produce not only disposable items but also durable products, that could be washed and reused several times. Click on the dish to eat all the spaghetti!
At the end of its lifetime, due to its chemical composition, a bioplastic product decomposes, through a rapid biodegradation process, without releasing toxic and polluting substances into the environment. Let’s start recycling!
The basic elements obtained from bioplastic biodegradation could be put back into our environment to feed plants again.
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