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eKoala is always looking for unique and natural materials for its products.

They are ideal for those who take responsibility as a key factor for their buying behavior and choose to leave a better world to future generations.

The entire eKoala range have to pass the strictest laboratory tests that guarantee the absence of toxic substances and that certify them 100% safe for our children.

eKoFood - Dinner and Soup plates Dishwashersafe!

Are you tired of plastic tableware and are you looking for an alternative? Are you looking for a durable but environmentally friendly product, without having to give up the convenience of the dishwasher? The eKoFood line by eKoala is the one for you. 100% biodegradable bioplastic plates, dishwasher safe with the Made in Italy quality guarantee!

Recommend eKoFood dishes to your kindergarten and school too!

eKeat - First Meal

Let you child discover the happiness and fun of the first baby foods without concern!
eKeat is entirely made of BIOplastic and it does not contain any dangerous substance you could find in many traditional plastics (Melamine, BPA, phthalates or other) that, when released into food,  could be swallowed by your children.
eKeat is twice environmentally friendly. It is made of renewable resources and it’s 100% biodegradable. You could use it as many times as you like, helping reduce the amount of waste we throw into our environment.

Wood & Stone

Wood & Stone is the new eKoala baby food line inspired by the colors of nature.

New line is entirely made of BIOplastic does not contain Melamine, Phthalates, BPA or other toxic substances.

eKkolì - set 2 plates

eKkolì! Bring happiness to the table with the colours of eKoala baby plates, made of renewable resources and entirely biodegradable.

Your baby will enjoy first meals learning to protect the environment.

eKoala means high quality and safety for kids: from raw material to packaging, our products are entirely Made in Italy.

eKuà - Glasses

Meet eKuà!
Two coloured funny glasses 100% BIOplastic. You can wash and reuse them  as many times as you like. They are the ideal product not only for baby food but also for parties with friends. Collect them all and have fun creating a colourful eco-friendly table. 

eKikò - Fork and Spoon

eKi… eKò… eKikò. Fruit of the friendship between eKi The Fork and eKò The Spoon, eKikò is the perfect cutlery set for your baby. Small and compact, it's ideal for any baby food at home or outside. Light and ergonomic, eKikò cutlery set will guide your child to discover food.

eKolly - Teether

eKolly is the first 100% bioplastic rubber Teether which will accompany your child when the primary teeth emerge. Let your babies bite eKolly without concern. Their funny friend does not contain any BPA, phthalates or other toxic substances. We carefully studied its design in order to guarantee the best ergonomics, strictly complying with all safety regulations.

eKummy - Teether

eKummy is entirely made of bioplastic rubber. It's big belly allows an easy grip and its funny shaped ears give a pleasant massage to your kids gums during the delicate phase of teething. It does not contain any toxic subsance and, like all eKoala products, it is designed to avoid any risk of choking or palate damages.

eKibby - Bib Holder

No more dresses or bibs to wash!
You only need a napkin, a soft cloth or tissue to transform eKibby into a perfect bib. Small, practical and light: you could use it at home or bring it everywhere with you. Available in different colours, you could have fun creating your children's perfect look. eKoala colouring agents are 100% non toxic and biodegradable: eco friendly and safe.    

eKaboom - Stacking Toy

A Toy enclosed in a sound!

eKaboom is the new entry eKoala 2018: A rainbow of fun and joy.
eKaboom is:

- a 100% BIOplastic colored pyramid;
- 5 funny jars for playing in the bath or at the beach;
- his/her first Rock & Roll drums;
- a stacking toy closed in a small bucket you can always carry with you.

eKaboom, like all the other products by eKoala, is entirely made of BIOplastic, an ecofriendly material safe for our kids.

eKorace - Marbles

Rediscover the pleasure of the simplicity of a timeless game! eKorace are the first marbles in the world entirely made of BIOplastic. If you forget them into the environment, you don't have to worry: they are 100% biodegradable and do not release microplastics that are so harmful to our animal friends. 5 colors, 5 cute Koalas to mix as you like for a funny game for everybody. Use your imagination to create exciting tracks, choose the Koala that best represents you and start the most eco-friendly race on the planet!

eKubo - Building Blocks

Disassemble eKubo, free your imagination and build your mini-world!
eKubo is entirely made of BIOplastic and 100% biodegradable.

It is eco Friendly and safe for the little ones.

eKing - Potty

A colorful throne to learn how to pee!

News eKoala 2018, eKing revolutionizes the world of potties. No more traditional plastic: eKing, entirely made of BIOplastic, is the first 100% biodegradable potty and a real friend of our environment!!

Have fun discovering which flower is hidden under the label of your eKing. Plant the seeds, water them and help ekoala to fill the world with flowers!

Minù + eKibby - Swaddle and bibholder

All eKoala products are made of unique, natural and innovative materials.

Colorful BIOplastic together with soft vegetal cashmere to create a unique and original accessory for all mothers and kids who love fashion and respect our environment.

Minù and eKibby: a perfect friendship! Bring them always with you to create a unique and original bib!

Minù - Two swaddles 45x45

Minù is made from Vegetal Cashmere, a unique textile fiber extracted from white pine wood pulp: green and healthy. In order to protect our environment, the wood fiber used is cultivated: harvesting coincides with normal pruning.

Breathable, anti-odour, absorbent, Minù is cool in summer and warm in winter.


Minù - Two swaddles 70x70

Fresh like linen, smooth like silk, soft like cashmere.

A baby blanket for summer nights, a towel for the first baths, a soft sun and wind cover, a special hiding place for your breastfeeding baby, a swaddle full of cuddles and a perfect bib...Simply Minù! 

Unique and originalMinù does not have superficial prints. It is from the simple intersection of its fibers that its delicate design is born. All Minù are 100% made in Italy.

eKspo - Display

All eKoala products in eKspo's big pouch, our sweet display.
Only raw and unbleach cardboard 100% reciclable and biodegradable without any plastic coating or metal staples.
It will be the best way to present eKoala first line to mums and dads.
Kids will surely smile at his big funny face!

eKopack- Packaging and nothing more!

In the end it is something we always throw away and the waste we produce is already too much!

That’s why eKoala chose a functional but essential pack. Only raw and unbleach cardboard, 100% recyclable and biodegradable without any plastic coating.

We designed a simple insertion system that allows us to avoid any use of chemical glue, metal staples or other fastening systems. All our inks are dye based, without any heavy metal.

Our packaging will then never be without imperfection but it will surely be perfect for our environment!



eKatalogue - eKoala catalogue

To avoid an unnecessary waste of paper and to minimise the number of trees to be felled, eKoala designed a modular catalogue meant to grow together with its product line.

Small things make a big difference.


 Download eKoala Catalogue

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